Hello! I’m Nour Malaeb.

I’m a designer trying to shape technology to better serve humans.


May 2018 – Present

I’m looking for a full-time position as an interaction designer or hardware UX designer—if you're hiring, get in touch! I like to work with software products that interact with physical products. I’m also actively developing some personal projects and art work in the meantime.

The SVA Years

September 2016 – May 2018

I completed a Masters in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York. My work there has touched on virtual reality, critical design, and simple interactive objects.

My thesis project was selected as the winner of Fast Company's Innovation by Design award in the Students category.

Freelancing in Beirut

October 2014 – September 2016

I worked as an independent designer in Beirut, Lebanon for two years. I mostly did branding work for small companies, and some industrial design work for a couple of start-ups.

Design Consulting in Southern California

July 2009 – October 2014

Before Beirut, I worked as a designer and project manager at RKS Design in Thousand Oaks, CA (about 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles). I eventually headed up all interaction design work for the company.

On the side


When I get the chance, I like to make things for my home, for my friends, or for fun.

About me

I’m a product designer interested in how technology amplifies different aspects of our humanity—both the good ones and the bad—across languages, cultures, and generations.

I’ve just completed the MFA Interaction Design program at SVA in New York, where I was figuring out how to harness technology for the greater good (and for fun).

My thesis work was featured on Fast Company, Treehugger, and Apartment Therapy. The project won Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards in the Students category for 2018.

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Contact me

email: [email protected]

phone: +1 516 728 7172